Dogs & Cats must be fully vaccinated, including the Kennel Cough vaccine for dogs
Proof is required - please bring Vaccination Certificates
If in doubt - please call for advice prior to booking

All boarding fees include the day of arrival and day of departure

If medication administration is required between 6pm & 7.30am
this is subject to additional fee

All pets are insured for Veterinary attention, only if the illness or injury is first noticed whilst in our care, up to a maximum of £1,500. Any further expenses are chargeable to owner. It is emphasised that whilst we would seek medical attention for pets with pre-existing medical problems should they need it - this would not be covered by insurance.

Payment is required either on day of arrival or departure. Payments can be made using Cash, Card or Debit Card - however Debit Card is preferred.

Whilst every care will be given to your pet's welfare & safety
pets are boarded entirely at owners risk.

All own bedding/toys/food containers left at owners risk

All charges are subject to change without notice

Dog Size Guide - Examples

Jack Russell, King Charles Spaniel,
Miniature Schnauzer

Medium Labradors, Collies,
Springer & Cocker Spaniels

German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Mastiffs,
Large Labradors & Great Danes

Caring for the Pets You Care For

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